Welding Training & Certification

I-CAR®'s Welding Training & Certification courses are industry-recognized because of the unique in-shop learning, skills practice and hands-on test technicians experience. These in-shop training courses teach proper welding techniques through theory instruction, hands-on practice and coaching, and culminate in I-CAR's industry-recognized Welding Certification test. To receive credit you must complete and pass the Welding Certification test.
These unique training formats also encourage student interaction with instructors to further enhance learning. Instructors take their time to work with students, ensuring the students are able to perfect their techniques through observation and practice.

To receive I-CAR credit for welding training, you must complete and pass the Post-Test.

Questions? The I-CARE Customer Support Team can help you find and choose from your welding training options. Call 800-ICARUSA Monday through Friday, 7:00 am - 6:00 pm CST.