Repairability Technical Support

I-CAR is enhancing industry access to technical information that supports complete, safe and quality collision repairs.

Since our formation by the collision repair industry in 1979, I-CAR has been dedicated to a singular vision: giving every person in the collision repair industry access to the information, knowledge and skills they need to perform complete, safe and quality repairs for the ultimate benefit of the consumer.

I-CAR recently launched its Repairability Technical Support (RTS) initiative in support of this effort. RTS will:


  • Improve access to the technical knowledge required to perform complete, safe and quality repairs
  • Address gaps in repair procedures and associated repair processes
  • Enhance technical communications between OEMs and the collision repair industry

RTS initiative does this through four key actions:

  • The I-CAR Repairability Support Portal, a comprehensive online source for collision repair information and answers to collision repair questions.
  • An expansion of I-CAR's OEM relations activity in which I-CAR will serve as the "linking pin" between the collision repair industry and vehicle manufacturers. Key goals are to identify and address gaps in repair procedures and procedures that require clarification as well as to increase information-sharing to improve collision repairs.
  • I-CAR Repairability Summits, which gather subject-matter experts to address repair issues, identify and close collision repair gaps.
  • The establishment of new technical Industry Segment Advisory Councils (ISACs) that focus on technical topics, including an ISAC comprising of OEM repair technical leaders and representatives from the tool and equipment segment.

In support of this initiative, I-CAR has expanded its technical team. Through RTS and other initiatives, I-CAR is committed to serving its vision for the industry of complete, safe and quality repairs through a broader range of industry education, knowledge, services and solutions.