Collision Repair Progress Report


The Collision Repair Progress Report is available to individuals with access to the I-CAR Training Manager tool. The Report displays training requirements for your business to achieve or maintain Gold Class™.

Sign in to your myI-CAR account by clicking on "myI-CAR" in the upper right-hand corner and entering your username and password under "Returning User" section:

Once logged in to your myI-CAR account you can access the Training Manager tool by clicking on "Training Manager" in the left menu. Then, click on "Reports" and choose "Collision Repair Progress Report" link in the middle of the page.

Using the drop down arrow, select the organization and click the "View" button to continue.

The report will be sent to your email address on file unless you provide an alternative before you click "Submit".

Below is an example of the report you will receive via email. Target Dates are used to calculate the hours taken, hours needed and hours enrolled which are displayed on the report.