How to Find Your I-CAR ID Number


Your I-CAR ID number is used to identify you as someone who is currently receiving collision repair training through I-CAR or who has received training at any time in the past. You should always have your I-CAR ID available when you participate in an I-CAR class as it will be needed when you complete your test at the end of the session. Knowing your I-CAR ID also ensures that you’ll be able to access your training record and that you can provide accurate information to your employer or other organizations such as vehicle manufacturers who need to confirm that you have met their training requirements. You can easily find your I-CAR ID by logging into your myI-CAR account.

Steps for finding your I-CAR ID number:

Go to, click on "myI-CAR" in the upper right-hand corner and log into your account.

Your I-CAR ID can be found in the My Profile section near the top right corner of the screen.

If you do not have a myI-CAR account, but you have previously taken training through I-CAR, please follow instructions on how to register as a new user. You can then set up your myI-CAR account where you’ll have 24/7 access to your training information, tools to help you plan your training, access to registration and more.