Online Class Registration User Guide


In order to complete the online registration process, you must first be logged into myI-CAR.

To search for a class, visit and use the Class Search form located on the left side of the homepage. For a more detailed search, you may click on the “Advanced Search” link located below the “Search” button.

When you find an event that you would like to enroll in, click on the "Register" button.

You are at the first step of class registration process. You will find complete class information including date/time, location, instructor, and etc. at the to of the page.

Individual Registration

You can register yourself by clicking "Add Myself" or others by entering their Last Name and I-CAR ID. You can also click on Class Search to look for another class.

Group Registration (Training Managers Only)

Available to Training Managers only. You can register students by selecting a location and adding your employees to class right from the roster. You can also register yourself by clicking "Add Myself" or others by entering their Last Name and I-CAR ID.

Green checkmarks and red triangular indicators will help guide your through the process by clearly identifying students who have either taken this course before or are not required to complete it based on their PDP role. That said, no matter what the indicators suggest, you are free to add anybody you want to the class.

Once you are done adding students to a particular class, click "Next" to proceed to the next step of the registration process or use Class Search button to look for another class to register for.

Shopping Cart

This is your chance to review all registrations you created so far. Click Continue to Pay to enter a checkout process or, if you are not ready to complete your registration today, feel free to Save Cart and return to it later. Please keep in mind that classes may get filled or canceled by the time you come back, so we strongly encourage you to complete your registration as soon as possible.

Payment Information

Make sure your billing address is correct. Otherwise, either enter a new one or edit the existing.

If you have e-codes to apply, please do so by clicking Apply/Edit E-codes button.

Finally, please enter your credit card or bank account information to pay the balance. We accept Visa, Master Card and American Express.

Proceed to the next step by clicking Review Order button located at the top as well as at the bottom of the page. Your order is NOT complete at this point and you will have another chance to review and confirm it before it is placed.

Apply/Edit E-Codes

To apply an e-code, please choose a class from the list of registrations you have compiled so far and click an arrow pointing down located to the left of "Apply E-codes (max X)" link. A mini-form will expand showing two fields to enter the e-code itself and its security code. Live classes take one (1) e-code to redeem. Online - take three (3). Some events, like Equivalency Tests, cannot be paid for with e-codes, which will be clearly indicated by a message when it is applicable. Make sure to save your e-code information before clicking Continue Checkout. Otherwise, it won't be applied.

Once you are back on the Payment Information page, you will see the e-codes you entered in the table below. You will also see your balance decreased. You can go back to the Apply/Edit E-codes page by clicking the same button in case you need to add, edit or delete e-codes.

Review and Confirm

This is the last step of the registration process where you get to review your order and place it. Please pay attention to your billing address and payment information as well as all students listed below and classes you are registering them for. Once you are ready to submit your order, please click "Place Order" button and wait for the confirmation screen to appear.

Order Confirmation

If you see this page, it means that your order has been succesfully processed. Your receipt will be emailed to you, and each student on your registration, including yourself, will receive a registration confirmation with all information they need to attend the class(es).