Training Manager User Guide


The I-CAR® Training Manager tools will allow you to efficiently manage your employee’s training with a click of a button!

Begin by going to and sign in to your myI-CAR account by clicking on "myI-CAR" in the upper right-hand corner.

Once logged in, you can access the Training Manager tools from the left menu or using icons in the middle of the page.

Locations / Business Units

Clicking on "Locations" will direct you to a display of all your business units.

Click on the business unit. This will direct you to your Gold Class Status Report and help you obtain and maintain the I-CAR® Gold Class Professionals™ designation.

Gold Class Status Report

This report will provide you with detailed information needed to maintain or achieve your I-CAR Gold Class Professionals designation. Clicking on the names of your employees will bring you directly to the Employee Report Screen.

Employee List

Clicking on Employee List will bring up a current list of all of your employees. You can also use this view to monitor the I-CAR Platinum Individual status of your employees. Clicking on the names of your employees will bring you to the Employee Report Screen.

Employee Report Screen

On this page you can view your employee's Training Record, print certificates for completed courses, utilize the Training Planner, as well as Add/Edit/Delete your employee's PDP roles.

Training Record

The Training Record tool will provide you with a view of an individual’s training history. It will also allow you to check class test results; verify I-CAR Platinum Individual status and annual training; and progress toward I-CAR ProLevel 1 completion within an individual’s given role.

Training Planner

The Employee Training Planner will help you manage your employee’s role-relevant training. Begin by choosing a role from the drop down menu. Select the I-CAR® ProLevel™. Click on Run Report to view the training plan for the role and I-CAR ProLevel chosen.

I-CAR will present you with a list of class requirements relevant to the chosen role. If the training requirement has been met in a specific knowledge area, the planner will indicate “Knowledge Area Complete” and the course listing will be collapsed. If training is needed in a given knowledge area, the planner will display all possible training options. To display training recognized through the I-CAR® Industry Training Alliance program, check the box to view.

By using the Employee Training Planner you can register the individual for a class as well as track what classes the individual should attend. Clicking on Class Search function will run a search for that particular class within a 50- mile radius of the zip code that I-CAR has on file. Clicking on Register will direct you to I-CAR’s online training module where you may choose to register for the online class