myI-CAR Overview


To help you plan, track, and maintain your training, I-CAR® has a variety of support tools and reports for businesses and individuals available within myI-CAR. This assistance provides the information you need, when you need it -- at your fingertips, 24/7. From myI-CAR online portal, users can access their:

Sign in to your myI-CAR account by clicking on "myI-CAR" in the upper right-hand corner and entering your username and password under "Returning User" section:

Welcome screen will appear with your basic profile, customer care contact, and expiration dates for your recognitions (if applicable). Your choices of links in the left menu as well as in the middle of the page may be limited based on your account settings and your role within your organization.

To view/edit your Personal Information:

Click "My Profile" in the left menu or on the right to be taken to your personal information page where you can view your login credentials, contact information and PDP Role(s), and edit them by clicking on "Edit My Profile" button at the top right corner.

At the bottom of the page you will find your PDP Role declarations. You can add/delete your Personal Roles (marked by "No" in Role Rep column) at any time, but you must contact your manager to manipulate Organizational Roles (marked by "Yes" in Role Rep column). Please visit Collision Repair or Insurance section for more information on PDP roles.

To view your Training History:

Click "My Classes" in the left menu to see all classes you are registered to attend as well as classes you already took.

To see/print your Training Record:

Click "Training Record" in the left menu to view your training history, check on the current status of your Platinum designation as well as see details of the classes you have taken.

To access Training Planner:

Click "Training Planner" in the left menu. Begin by choosing PDP Role from the drop down list. Select the I-CAR ProLevel™ and click on "Run Report" to view the training plan for the role and I-CAR ProLevel chosen.

Training Planner will present you with a list of class requirements relevant to the chosen role and ProLevel. By using Training Planner you can register for classes as well as track your progress by seeing what classes you have completed.

Clicking "Class Search" will run a search for that particular course within a 50 mile radius of your zip code I-CAR has on file.

Clicking "Register" will take you directly to online class registration page.

To view your Invoices:

Click "My Invoices" in the left menu to see all course related invoices associated with your account. Clicking on the order number will provide you with a more detailed, printer friendly copy of the invoice.