What's an Awareness Event?

You know I-CAR training can offer huge value to businesses in our Industry. Now, we have to take that message to the streets and let the next 10,000 shops know it too! Awareness Events are designed to help us reinforce the message and explain the incredible benefits proper training with I-CAR can offer!

As you scroll down this page, you will find the tools you need to help you:

  1. Schedule & set-up an Awareness Event
  2. Promote your event to drive greater attendance
  3. Track and follow up with guests wanting to get on the Road to Gold
  4. Help you reach your committee goals
What's an Awareness Event?

Getting Started

Before you start any planning, reach out to your Regional Manager and let them know you are interested in holding an event in your area.

Your RM will help you with the event details by:

  • Supplying a list of attendees to invite to the event
  • Selecting an event location, day and time
  • And addressing any other logistic/budget needs
NORTHWEST - Dave Robinette Dave.Robinette@i-car.com
SOUTHWEST - Keith Going Keith.Going@I-CAR.com
SOUTH CENTRAL - Robbie Saladino Robbie.Saladino@i-car.com
NORTHEAST - Allan Smith Allan.Smith@I-CAR.com
SOUTHEAST - German Mejia German.Mejia@I-CAR.com
NATIONAL MSO - Doug Schlueter Doug.Schlueter@I-CAR.com

Tools to Promote Your Event

Download, save and customize these documents with your event information.

These can be printed locally and distributed by hand or mail.

Invitation Letter
Invitation Letter
Training Pays KPI Flyer
Training Pays KPI Flyer

Materials to Use at Your Event

All the benefits I-CAR training offers have been clearly outlined in this brief PowerPoint presentation. Simply download the PC or MAC version and run it at your event!

You should have also received a customized Sign-In Sheet for your event. If you have not, please download the generic sign-in sheet available here.

Training Pays Presentation
Training Pays Presentation
Generic Sign-In Sheet
Generic Sign-In Sheet

Handout Kit

Your Regional Manager will supply you with a handout kit that includes I-CAR brochures, pens and notepads.

After Your Event

After your event you should have some excited potential customers interested in the value of I-CAR training.

To capture leads and keep their excitement alive, I-CAR needs the final, fully completed Sign-In Sheet.

Please email the completed sign-in sheet to I-CAR, and log in to your Committee Portal to record your activity.

* If you do not turn in a fully completed sign-in sheet, you will not receive any credit toward your annual committee goals.

Thank you!

I-CAR could not continue to grow and deliver our vision of providing training to EVERY person in the collision repair industry without your ongoing support, commitment and dedication. Your loyalty and hard work is definitely appreciated.

If you have any questions or comments please reach out to your Regional Manager.
Regional Manager email addresses are listed under Getting Started section.