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Synchronizing Workflow through Team Communication

Course format: Live instruction with posttest
I-CAR Credit Hours: 2 hours
Estimated Duration: 2 hours
Platinum: $100.00
Gold Class: $100.00
Standard: $120.00


  • Workflow Essentials (PM115E01)

This course helps satisfy ProLevel training requirements for the following roles:
Production Management

This course is an Annual Training option for the following roles:
Production Management

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the tools needed to conduct review and release meetings with the technicians
  • Understand the value of using and updating a computer management system
  • Identify the communication methods needed to properly share information with the team
  • Know the principles of conducting cycle time, quality, and work-in-process reviews
  • Implement awareness skills and identify roadblocks in production

Module 1 – Review and Maintain Daily Departmental Lists
The course begins with key points on what the technician needs to know. The instructor will demonstrate the tools a production manager will use, as well as how to conduct review and release meetings with the technicians. Students will learn the importance of communication with all customers and departments using a computerized management system.

Module 2 – Review Previous Day’s Performance
The second module uses video and interactive activities to demonstrate conducting technician cycle time reviews and the reports needed for them. Students will participate in a game-show style activity that will engage them with quality control terms and the team reviews associated with them. The course concludes with learning the value of a work-in-process review and what to be aware of when communicating with the team.

Course outline containing topics and subtopics.