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Exterior Panels Damage Analysis

Course format: Live instruction with posttest
I-CAR Credit Hours: 3 hours
Estimated Duration: 4 hours
Platinum: $114.00
Gold Class: $114.00
Standard: $138.00

This course helps satisfy ProLevel training requirements for the following roles:
Auto Physical Damage Appraiser

This course is an Annual Training option for the following roles:
Auto Physical Damage Appraiser

Did you know I-CAR offers this course in convenient, online delivery? You may satisfy this requirement by completing the Online course DAM10e.

Content in this course replaces content found in Frontal Impact Damage Analysis (DAM02) and Restraints, Interior, Glass, Side and Rear Impact Analysis (DAM04). If you have already taken DAM02 and DAM04 these training requirements have already been fulfilled.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify parts of the front bumper assembly and recognize damage to side body panels
  • Recognize front exterior body panels and front lighting systems
  • Have the ability to identify door damage and make repair versus replace decisions
  • Understand replacement considerations for door intrusion beams
  • Identify types of movable glass damage
  • Recognize rear closure panels and understand parts of rear bumper assemblies
  • Identify parts of rear lighting systems and parts of pickup truck box assemblies
  • Identify aftermarket parts and determining repair and replacement options

Module 1 – Damage Analysis Considerations
The first module of the course introduces the student to types of steel, as well as their differing characteristics and attributes. Students will gain an understanding as to why steel remains the primary material for many parts of the vehicle structure and exterior body panels. The student will learn about the considerations for inspecting the front portion of the vehicle for damage, including bumpers, grilles, and lighting. Proper damage analysis procedures and how to build a comprehensive repair plan will be discussed.

Module 2 - Side Body Inspection
As the student moves through the course, he or she will learn how to identify damage on side and outer panels, including fenders and doors. In addition, the student will learn how to identify damage to movable glass, such as door glass, quarter glass, and sunroofs. He or she will become familiar with accurate repair and replacement options.

Module 3 - Rear Body and Aftermarket Parts Inspection
The final module of the course covers information on identifying damage to rear parts of a vehicle. Students will become familiar with parts of rear bumper assemblies, rear lighting systems, pickup truck box, and aftermarket parts. Information on considerations around repair and replacement options for these parts will be covered in the final module.

Course outline containing topics and subtopics.