Moveable Glass

Course format: Online training with posttest
I-CAR Credit Hours: 3 hours
Estimated Duration: 3 hours
Gold Class: $114.00
Platinum: $114.00
Standard: $138.00

This course helps satisfy ProLevel training requirements for the following roles:
Non-Structural Technician

This course is an Annual Training option for the following roles:
Non-Structural Technician
Auto Physical Damage Appraiser

  • Identify the roles of movable glass in vehicles and types of drive mechanisms
  • Understand considerations for replacing rear body and side door glass
  • Describe parts of window regulators and window channels
  • Understand removal and replacement considerations for sunroofs and removable glass panels
  • Know how to complete post-collision inspection processes
  • Analyze damage and troubleshoot for glass and electrical problems

Module 1 – Movable Glass Overview
This module provides information on the role of movable glass in vehicles and types of drive mechanisms. This module also covers information on replacement glass ordering and considerations around repair plans for movable glass.

Module 2 – Side Door Glass
The second module continues with a look atdifferent styles of roll-up side door glass and processes for replacing andadjusting door glass. The student will gain an understanding of different parts involved in window regulators and design considerations of window channels and runs.

Module 3 – Rear Body Movable Glass
As the student moves through the course, he or she will learn about location and style of rear body removable glass and important considerations around removal and replacement.

Module 4 – Sunroofs and Removable Glass Panels
The fourth module provides an overview of types of sunroofs found in vehicles. The module identifies removal and replacement procedures, plus proper inspection methods. The student is also introduced to alignment and adjustment concerns in replacing sunroofs.

Module 5 – Inspection and General Troubleshooting
The final module of the course concludes with post-collision inspection processes of movable glass. Also in this module is information on troubleshooting for glass and electrical problems.