Honda & Acura Electrical Collision Repair

Course format: Online training with posttest
I-CAR Credit Hours: 1 hour
Estimated Duration: 1 hour
Gold Class: $38.00
Platinum: $38.00
Standard: $46.00

This course is an Annual Training option for the following roles:
Steel Structural Technician
Aluminum Structural Technician
Non-Structural Technician
Electrical/Mechanical Technicians
Auto Physical Damage Appraiser

To qualify for ProFirst Certified Status, each shop must have a minimum of two structural technicians and one estimator; OR, one structural technician, one non-structural technician and one estimator complete this course.

This course is intended for U.S. models only.

  • List the most common electrical repair errors made during Honda and Acura collision repairs
  • State the battery disconnection and electronic control unit (ECU) removal requirements during collision repairs and welding
  • Identify the requirements for maintaining the integrity of electrical ground locations during collision repair
  • Locate the Honda and Acura service information necessary for electrical systems collision repair
  • Describe approved wire repair methods and complete an electrical pigtail replacement simulation

Section 1 – Power & Grounds
The first section of this course explains basic electrical system requirements and 12-volt battery operation, safety precautions and collision repair service considerations. Then repair and welding preparations to avoid electrical system damage are discussed. The final topic of this section looks at electrical grounds, which are the number one cause of post-collision electrical issues. The information in this section includes how to locate grounds in the repair area, protecting ground wires and their attachment points, and proper reinstallation of ground bolts. Emphasis is placed on locating electrical system service information on ServiceExpress using interactive practice.

Section 2 – Wiring Harness Issues
The course continues with a look at electrical wiring and connectors and types of collision-related damage. The next topics cover use of ServiceExpress to locate wire harness routing information and electrical schematics. The final topics in this section discuss replacement wiring harnesses and how to install them properly.

Section 3 – Wire & Component Repairs
The final course section explains Honda and Acura wiring repair policies, tools, and resources. Methods to repair damaged connectors and wires are thoroughly covered, including the use of service replacement pre-crimped wire and terminal pigtails. An interactive exercise takes the student through a typical pigtail repair scenario. Honda’s position on used and salvaged parts is also discussed. This section includes a real-world example of how these parts can cause electrical problems, affecting both repair costs and cycle time. The final topic in this section looks at when a Honda or Acura dealer’s assistance might be required for electrical repairs. For example, when certain driver support system components require aiming after replacement.

The Honda and Acura vehicle-specific courses have been designed, developed by, and are maintained by American Honda Motor Company, Inc. (AHM).  AHM has partnered with I-CAR to deliver training to the collision repair industry across the United States.