Building Effective Vendor and Insurer Relationships

Course format: Online training with posttest
I-CAR Credit Hours: 1 hour
Estimated Duration: 1 hour
Gold Class: $50.00
Platinum: $50.00
Standard: $60.00

This course helps satisfy ProLevel training requirements for the following roles:
Production Management

This course is an Annual Training option for the following roles:
Production Management

Learning Objectives

  • Describe how open communication is key to avoiding conflicts with outside sources
  • Explain that relationships must be established with outside sources
  • Identify communication tools used to work with outside sources
  • How to avoid and resolve conflicts that arise with insurance companies, parts or supply vendors, and sublet vendors

Module 1 – The Importance of Communication
The course begins by identifying open communication as the key to avoiding conflicts with insurance companies, supply vendors, and sublet shops. That communication must be clear, as miscommunication can create even worse problems. A mock example of a conversation between someone managing production and an insurance representative is used to illustrate the point of good communication.

Module 2 – Solving Conflicts with Outside Sources
The second module cites possible reasons for conflicts with the various outside sources, how to avoid these conflicts in the first place and also how to resolve the conflicts that do arise. More real-world mock conversations are used to show how these common differences of opinion can be handled.

Course outline containing topics and subtopics.