GM Training

General Motors has requested I-CAR to conduct all GM body structural repair training within the United States. As I-CAR students, all GM dealer body structural and collision repair technicians will complete their training by attending I-CAR collision repair programs utilizing the I-CAR delivery system and instructors. With this relationship, GM dealer and dealer-sponsored body structural and collision repair technicians will not only receive the most up-to-date training in collision repair, but the collision industry also will experience an increase in training consistency.

By utilizing the class search function and entering in your local zip code (to the right), you can search for programs specific to the General Motors and I-CAR training relationship.

General Motors body structural technicians must complete the following list of courses to obtain the minimum level of I-CAR training required by General Motors Company:

* For STS requirements SPS10 & SPS11 replaces SPS01 & SPS02. If you have completed both SPS01 & SPS02 you do not need to take SPS10 & SPS11.

GM also requires that a body structural technician complete one of the following I-CAR Welding Training & Certification™ courses:

When planning your training, remember that I-CAR strongly encourages you to be familiar with the concepts and repair technologies found in the prior recommended programs listed for each Live or Online training program. These programs contain relevant content that greatly enhances the value of the program and significantly increases the likelihood of your successful program completion.

Chevrolet Dealer Corvette Stingray Program

The 2013 Corvette Stingray Program has been developed for GM dealerships wishing to sell the new Stingray beginning in the summer of 2014. For information on the I-CAR training needed in order to meet the program requirements, visit the Corvette Stingray Program page to learn more.

To schedule the I-CAR Welding Training & Certification: Aluminum GMA (MIG) Welding event at your location, click here.

Chevrolet Z06 Corvette Training

The Collision Repair Overview for the 2006 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (GEN01) is a GM STC-required course for Corvette dealers to properly service the unique Z06 body structure. The I-CAR GEN01 course and the Welding Training & Certification: Steel GMA (MIG) Welding (WCS03) program are required for a GM body structural technician to obtain a Corvette Z06 certification through GM. It is highly recommended that the I-CAR programs and certifications be completed before attending the Z06 training program.

For questions regarding GM training requirements or records, please visit the GM STC web site.

To access Genuine General Motors Collision repair information, click here.