Lexus Toyota Scion Training

Lexus/Toyota/Scion Collision Repair & Refinish Certification Program recognizes selected I-CAR training programs into its collision repair and refinish technician certification program.

As I-CAR students, all Lexus/Toyota/Scion CR&R technicians can complete much of their Lexus/Toyota/Scion certified level training requirements by attending I-CAR collision repair training programs utilizing the existing I-CAR class delivery system and instructors. To gain the Lexus/Toyota/Scion master certification level, both I-CAR and Lexus/Toyota/Scion training programs must be completed.

By using the class search function and entering in their local zip code (to the right), Lexus/Toyota/Scion CR&R technicians can search for programs specific to the Lexus/Toyota/Scion and I-CAR training relationship.

Lexus/Toyota/Scion recognizes the following I-CAR training programs as part of the Lexus/Toyota/Scion CR&R certification program:

Toyota Certified Collision Repair Technician

* SPS10 & SPS11 replaces SPS01 & SPS02. If you have completed both SPS01 & SPS02 you do not need to take SPS10 & SPS11.

Toyota Certified Master Collision Repair Technician

Toyota Paint Technician

For questions regarding the Toyota training requirements, please contact:

Collision Repair and Refinish Training Group
University of Toyota