Production Management: Improve KPIs

The I-CAR Production Management role features Industry-defined training that helps to quickly assess and solve complex problems facing shop production — without sacrificing complete, safe and quality repairs.

Designed in collaboration with production managers, shop owners, and experts from the industry, the PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT ROLE provides end-to-end production management training. Critical-thinking and problem-solving skills are enhanced, enabling participants to quickly address complex problems faced in shop production.

When a business supports training and knowledge-sharing between members of collision repair teams, a learning culture begins to develop, resulting in improved KPI’s, lean workflow and increased efficiencies!

I-CAR has launched the second level of coursework covering ProLevel 2 requirements of the Production Management Role curriculum. This new set of courses will enable those who manage shop production to improve their efficiencies, critical thinking and problem-solving skills to ultimately drive more powerful and profitable business practices.

The adoption of a strong LEARNING CULTURE within a business, as well as the production management principles represented in this role, will not only help improve bottom line results, but will also bring additional value in understanding a technician’s abilities or inabilities and knowing how to close any knowledge gaps a shop may uncover among its staff.

Participants become equipped to make quick, sound decisions that drive effective production across the shop. Learning occurs over three ProLevels® and features sequential courses designed to build on each other – resulting in shortened time commitment and eliminated knowledge redundancies. Courses will be available in a purpose-built, blended learning model with a mix of online, live, and virtual formats.

Production Management ProLevel 1 Courses:

Production Management ProLevel 2 Courses:

For more information, please contact I-CAR Customer Care at 800.ICAR.USA (800.422.7872)

Production Management has been restructured to increase the number of courses that can be taken without prerequisites, and to allow for more employees to attend applicable training.

The Production Management curriculum features sequential courses designed to build on each other, with a number of different role entry points, optimized for content delivery through a purpose-built, blended learning approach.

Production Management is approved by the Automotive Management Institute (AMI) for 26 credits and professional AAM designation.

Individuals can achieve Platinum designation for the Production Management role; it is not currently a requirement for Gold Class. The industry and I-CAR strongly encourage shops to take advantage of the significant benefits the role offers to the production process.