I-CAR® Training MAXIMIZES Your Shop's Performance!

Want to see how? Use the Value of Training Calculator below to see how much additional revenue your shop can GAIN by training!


Shops That Train Don't Just Survive... They THRIVE!

Data reveals that I-CAR Gold Class® shops outperform non-Gold Class shops in every major KPI category;
leading to improved network ratings, reduced risk, and improved customer satisfaction scores.

KPI Enhancements After
Just 6 Months of Training

Source: I-CAR

Shortened Length of
Vehicle Rental

Source: Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Gold Class Businesses
Outperform Others by 47%

Source: CynCast

Download the I-CAR White Paper to learn more: Data Proves ROI of Collision Repair Training

Think Your Shop Doesn't NEED Training? Think Again.

Vehicle technology is a game changer.

Between all of the new vehicle debuts, redesigns and reengineers, OEMs are introducing roughly 75* vehicle changes per year!

CAFE Standards also continue to rise at a rapid pace, forcing vehicles to become lighter, more fuel-efficient and more complex.

Knowing how to repair today's complex vehicles in the middle of this Technical Tsunami™ is CRITICAL to your shop's success.

* Source: Automotive News

Not Training Puts Your Shop at a Higher RISK OF LIABILITY

"Too often I see shops try to use what an insurance company will or won't pay for as an excuse for doing incomplete or improper repairs.

They forget they have a contract with the customer that has nothing to do with what they negotiate with any insurer. The shop still has the liability related to fixing that vehicle properly - and I think some shops don't take that liability seriously enough."

Mike Anderson, ABRN, March 27, 2015

Word of Bad Repairs Can Spread QUICKLY...


After an accident, your customers want the peace of mind that comes from knowing their vehicle has been repaired correctly.

Trained repair professionals are the difference maker.

Customers who choose Gold Class shops have confidence that they are getting complete, safe and quality repairs.

Can You Afford NOT to Train?

Start your shop's journey towards reaching the highest role-relevant training achievement recognized by the collision repair industry... I-CAR Gold Class.

Contact I-CAR to get on the Road to Gold™ today!


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